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Product Type: WordPress Plugin
Product Creator: Leonardus
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Plugin Documentation

Installing The Plugin

To begin, unzip/extract the purchase file that you download.

Then you will find the plugin ZIP file and a PDF userguide.

To begin installing the plugin to your WP website:

 Upload the plugin ZIP file from Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
After that activate the plugin

Then navigate to Settings menu -> WP eBay Matic:

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eBayMatic Plugin Settings & Option

Enter your eBay campaign ID and also your Geographic Rover.

Please remember that eBay campaign ID is different than your eBay username or your publisher ID.

Enter your Campaign ID instead of your eBay username or Publisher ID.

NOTE: If you don't know the Geographic Rover, simply leave it blank.

After that remember to click the "Save Changes" button.

Adding eBay Product to Your WP Content

To add eBay items to your WP content, simply add the shortcode below anywhere inside your post/page editor:
[ebaymatic id="383791923777"]
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Troubleshooting & Support

Why Sometimes Some eBay Item Data Not Available?

By default WP eBayMatic plugin will try to display the Item Title, Item Price, Number of Sales, Sales in the Last 24hours and more.

In some cases, eBay doesn't provide some of that data (example: maybe the 'Number of Sales' is not provided).

We don't know why eBay would not provide the data.

That's not a bug in the plugin, but it's just eBay themselves that would not provide the data.

I Have Another Question, How to Contact You?

No worries, we're happy to help! Please address your questions to us here:

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