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Product Type: WordPress Plugin
Product Creator: Leonardus
Released On: WarriorPlus

VidZora LITE User Guide

Installing The Plugin

To begin, unzip/extract the purchase file that you download. Inside you will find the plugin ZIP file and a PDF userguide.

Then you can start installing the plugin to your WP website:

 Upload the '' file from Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
After that activate the plugin

Then navigate to VidZora WTP menu from your WP admin dashboard:

Image - Screenshot

VidZora Plugin Settings & Option

On the VidZora Setting section  you can select whether to use the built-in monetization option, or not.

Image - Screenshot

If you opt to use our built-in monetization, then select the monetization type & also fill in your Amazon affiliate tag and Amazon keywords - or enter your Custom HTML ads code on the field provided.

After that click 'Save Changes' button.

Adding The 1-Click Youtube Video Downloader

To add Youtube video downloader, simply insert this shortcode anywhere inside your post/page editor:


Image - Screenshot

You can add more content/paragraphs around the shortcode just like other WP posts or pages.

After that, Update or Publish the Post/Page.

And DONE. Your website now has 1-Click Youtube Video Downloader that your website visitors can use at anytime!

Image - Screenshot

On this tool people just need to enter the Youtube video ID to download the video.

Example to download this video:

.. Then we just need to enter the ID only: wjVDRvthHN8

HINT: If you create a new Page for VidZora, then you can add the page on your WP header menu, sidebar or footer from Appearance -> Menu.

Or you can set that Page as your Homepage from Settings menu -> Reading, and select the page as 'Static Page" for Homepage Displays.

Special Bonus

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VidZora User Updates

To sign up to Leo customer list & get update notice, enter your purchase email below.

VidZora PLATINUM User Guide

NOTE: If you don't have VidZora Platinum yet, click here to download it.

Installing VidZora Platinum

NOTE: VidZora Platinum requires VidZora LITE to be installed & activated on your website first.

So make sure VidZora plugin has been activated on your website, then you can install VidZora Platinum:

 Upload the '' file from Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
After that activate the plugin

For monetization and plugin option, VidZora Platinum is using the same setting page as VidZora LITE.

So navigate to VidZora WTP menu from your WP admin dashboard to configure the built-in monetization feature.

Adding 1-Click Youtube Audio Converter & TikTok Video Downloader

To display Youtube Audio Downloader, add this shortcode inside your WP content (Post/Pages):


And to display TikTok Content Downloader, add this shortcode:


Image - Screenshot

Using Gutenberg on your Post/Page editor, you can create columns:

Image - Screenshot

And all the downloader tools will be displayed in a nice design:

Image - Screenshot

VidZora Troubleshooting & Support

Is There Any Hosting Requirement to Run VidZora?

VidZora Hosting Requirements:

Minimum WordPress version: 5.9.2
Your WordPress site should be in SSL/ HTTPS
Minimum PHP version: 7.2.0

(those are pretty standard on every hosting, so 99% of the chance you are good to go)

VidZora Hosting Recommendation:

Recommended not to use any "lifetime hosting" found on WarriorPlus or JVZoo It is because their server limit are below standard - if you need lifetime hosting, use Cloud4WP so you can get higher server limit.

Error After Uploading the Plugin: No Plugin Was Found?

Make sure to unzip/extract the purchase file that you download. Don't upload the whole purchase file.

Can Any Youtube Videos Be Downloaded by VidZora LITE?

Yes as long as Youtube does allow the video to be downloaded.

There are several video types that aren't possible to be downloaded because Youtube blocks it.

We don't why but these types of videos are well known to not be able for download:

[+] Premiere video (upcoming videos)
[+] Live streaming videos
[+] Private videos (
[+] Age-restricted videos (aka not Family Friendly videos)

Those are limitation from Youtube themselves, not from the plugin.

If you found a video that are not downloadable & not fall into those 4 categories above then contact us for more information so we can investigate for possible issue.

Can Any Youtube Videos be Converted into Audio Files by VidZora PLATINUM?

Same answer as above: Yes as long as Youtube does allow the video to be downloaded.

The audio types being returned by VidZora Platinum depends on Youtube too, it can be .mp3, .m4a or else.

Can Any TikTok Videos be Downloaded by VidZora PLATINUM?

Yes as long as the TikTok account that publish the video is Public not a Private Account, and as long as the video privacy is set to Public too.

How to Style/Customize the Submit and Reset Button?

The style and looks of Submit & Reset button are using the CSS of WordPress theme that your website is using.

To customize the button style, it's better to contact the support/creator of WordPress theme that your website is using.

But if they are difficult to reach out, you can test this CSS code:

.vidzora-content-section input[type=submit],
.vidzora-content-section input[type=reset] {
  background-color: #04AA6D !important;
  border: none !important;
  color: white !important;
  padding: 16px 32px;
  text-decoration: none !important;
  margin: 4px 2px !important;
  cursor: pointer ;

Add that code from Appearance menu -> Customize -> Custom CSS.

Or add that code on your theme's CSS file.

I Have Another Question, How to Contact You?

No worries, we're happy to help! Please address your questions to us here:

Video Guide

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