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Product Type: WordPress Plugin
Product Creator: Leonardus
Released On: WarriorPlus
Product Support:

Installing The Plugin

Upload the file from Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

After that activate the plugin.

Then click the ClickAzon V1 menu from your WP admin dashboard:

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The Plugin Setting & Options

On the General Setting section please enter your Amazon affiliate tag, call-to-action text and also select the Amazon Affiliate Country that you participate in.

You can also select whether the content will be published as WordPress Blogpost or WordPress Pages.

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After that click the Save Changes button.

Now head to the Content Creator section, and there are three button there. You can click the button of Amazon Niche that you want the plugin to create content for.

You only need to click each button just once.

Make sure you have filled in all the options on the General Setting section correctly - because any changes made to the General Settings will only effect new content, not existing content.

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After you click the button, ClickAzon will generate affiliate content to your WP site automatically.

Navigate to the Posts menu -> All Posts to see the content (if you select WordPress Posts on the General Setting).

Or navigate to the Pages menu -> All Pages if you select WordPress Pages on the General Setting.

Monetizing the Content

By default ClickAzon will monetize every content it created, with Amazon affiliate links.

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You can also monetize the content with other plugins.

By default each content will have product description, images, video and call-to-action section embedded with your Amazon affiliate link.

You can edit/customize the content with more paragraphs, images or text easily just like other WP posts or pages.

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