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Product Type: WordPress Plugin
Product Creator: Leonardus
Released On: WarriorPlus
Product Support:

Installing The Plugin

Upload the aegisguard-wtp file from Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.

After that activate the plugin.

Then click the WP Aegis Guard menu from your WP admin dashboard:

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The Plugin Setting & Options

On the WP Aegis Guard Setting page you will find several sequrity questions field.

You can just click Save Changes right away.

After that navigate to Users menu -> Profile:

Image - Screenshot

Scroll down until you find the WP Aegis Guard Security Settings section:

Image - Screenshot

Now select the Security Question and enter your answer too.

After that, click the Update Profile button.

And DONE. Your WordPress website is now double protected with password and Security Question too.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to do the steps above and click the Update Profile button before leaving your WP admin dashboard. If you want to postpone setting up the plugin, deactivate the plugin first.

FAQs & Misc.

Q: How to regain access if I forgot my Security Answer?

A: The only solution is to delete the plugin through your cPanel File Manager or thru your hosting account.

Q: If I changed the Security Question, should I change the Security Answer too?

A: It's up to you!

Q: If there is a plugin update, should I change my Security Questions/Answer?

A: Nope, unless there is a notice on the plugin update to update your Security Question/Answer.

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