New Plugin Helps Your WP Sites To Make Commissions From 4 Big Affiliate Marketplaces At Once

Over 3,169,891 Software, Video Stock Footage, Graphics & Templates Combined Together

  • One WP Plugin For 4 Affiliate Marketplace :
  • Video Effects and Stock Footage
  • Graphics, Fonts & Logos
  • WordPress Themes & Website Templates
  • Code Scripts and Plugins
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There's A HUGE Demand On The Software Market.. If You Can Fulfill Just 10% Of Their Desire, Then The World Is Your Oyster.

CodeCanyon, VideoHive, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver and AudioJungle.

As an online entrepreneur, I bet you've heard about those marketplace above, right?

There are over 35,193 code scripts and plugins on CodeCanyon, then 50,583+ WordPress Themes & Website Templates on ThemeForest, also 2,169,990+ Video effects & stock footage on VideoHive and 866,460+ graphics on GraphicRiver.

The GOOD NEWS is :

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote any items from that 4 marketplace to earn some nice commission.

But there's also a BAD NEWS for usĀ  :

There is no tools/software available the help you to promote multiple products from that 4 marketplace. You would have to do it manually: generate affiliate links for each product manually, grabbing images of each product one by one, and more which are too time consuming & drain your energies too much!

Luckily I Was Able To Code A WordPress Plugin So You Can Promote HUNDREDS of Items From CodeCanyon + ThemeForest + VideoHive + GraphicRivers Inside Your WP Sites

And I Named It : WP Envatio Plugin

Image - Cover

WP Envatio Plugin Will Quickly Display Latest/Popular/BestSeller Items From Those 4 Marketplace On Your WordPress Sites, Monetized With Your Affiliate Link

Image - Cover

HINT: all the 4 Marketplace (CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, VideoHive and GraphicRiver) are using one single affiliate program: the EnvatoMarket affiliate program. So you will only need to sign up ONCE and you'll be able to earn commissions from all those 4 marketplace - the affiliate program is free to sign up, no cost at all!

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